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The Witcher 3 Frost Effect, Finishers, Horse Slow-Mo Discussed by CDPR

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt hits the racks a little over a month from now. So the time was ripe to stifle any and all confusions from growing about what the game has to offer, and that’s exactly what CD Projekt Red did on the game’s forums.

So first off, if you were among the parade of fans who didn’t like the Frost effect as it was shown off previously by The Witcher 3 developers, rest assured as it is gone.

The developers have assured that it has been replaced with something better in quality – needless to say, the emphasis was that no downgrading has been done. Character textures will also be “sharp as ever.”

Similarly, bricks have probably been revamped too as one of the developer mentioned that “they did look very out of place though so it is very likely that they were on someone‚Äôs task list and had just been bumped up in priority.”

MilezZ of CD Projekt Red tackled the questions regarding the Horse Slow-Mo, another new feature that people needed more intel on. He said that it was sort of a need of the hour. Because the mounts are faster, they needed to give you an extra split second of a time to preplan the attack:

It is not meant as a sort of finisher. On the horse, when you hold the button for fast attack, it slows down time when you are close to an enemy. This allows you to line up your attack a bit better for a few split seconds. The window for this is relatively short, as it sort of wears off as soon as you get too close to the enemy.

However, if you were wondering whether all the finishers can be disabled in the game, you are in luck because it was also confirmed that they can!

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt releases May 19, 2015 all over the globe.