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Shortage of Amiibo Figures is Retailers’ Fault: Nintendo

If you are a Nintendo fan you would have also loved the Amiibo figures that come with many of their new games now. As if it comes with the territory, it is highly probable that you would have been let down when you found out that your favorite Amiibo character is short in the market.

Naturally, one would blame Nintendo for the mismanagement; that is exactly what one person did. He wrote to the company expressing disappointment and complaining that they have not kept up with the demand for certain figurines by stepping up production although they are being promoted extensively with every game.

He gave the examples of Kirby and Fire Emblem as well.

The reply he got from the Nintendo Service Agent will surprise you; well it at least surprised me because instead of accepting the mistake and vowing that they won’t let this happen with Amiibo figures in the future, the company put the blame solely on the retailers.

Holding their hands off, they even went on to say that the retailers should be contacted for this:

While this may not be the answer you were hoping for, all of the issues you’re describing are retailer related. Nintendo has no input on when or how retailers sell our products, if or when new products are stocked, or when and how the retailer takes pre-orders. These decisions are made by retailers at the administration level. If you have concerns about these kinds of issues, we can only recommend contacting your retailer.

The agent then explained this further:

We take orders from distributors (who sell our products and products from other companies), and ship our products to their distribution centers. The distributors then take orders from retailers and ship these orders to the retailers’ merchandise centers. Once there, the retailers make all decisions about how to best sell this merchandise.

As far as I am concerned, no matter what their processes are, if Nintendo’s customers are not able to purchase their products, in this case Amiibo figures, it is the company’s problem; they should take responsibility and promise to address the situation instead of playing the blame game.