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Justin Bieber Served With an Argentinian Arrest Warrant

Looks like somebody is all in for playing the baddest boy of Hollywood, Justin Bieber has been breaking a lot of laws lately.

Judge Alberto Julio Banos has issued an International arrest warrant against the 21-year-old singer. In 2013 a photographer Diego Pesosa was allegedly attacked by Bieber and his guards.

The court issued a notice in November stating that Bieber has to report within sixty days to answer some questions regarding the allegation.

Reportedly, Bieber’s bodyguards Terrence Reche Smalls and Hugo Alcides Hesny injured the photographer outside a nightclub in Buenos Aires. Pesosa was hospitalized after the incident but reported the matter as soon as he could.

An issue that was being considered fake and lacked evidence is causing serious trouble for Bieber, Judge Banos has ordered “immediate detention” of Bieber and his two bodyguards.

Bieber will be arrested whenever he enters Argentina and according to their local law, Bieber can be convicted and sentenced to a six to twelve month jail time.

Matias Morla, Pesosa’s lawyer said that Bieber will be forced through the warrant to enter Argentina and then he will be convicted rightfully.

“Now we just need to wait for the police to find him and bring him. For us, this is a triumph against all those who said this case was a bluff and that we didn’t have anything.”

Looks like Bieber either needs to go and sit through the trial or resolve the matter outside the court. He has been upsetting a lot of people lately, especially Ariana Grande, Big Sean and South American Countries.