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Total War Battles: Kingdom Enters Open Beta

Creative Assembly’s free-to-play game Total War Battles: Kingdom has now entered closed beta and is available through Steam.

Announced four months ago for PC and tablets, the title merges tactical military warfare with building simulation. Players are tasked with building their cities, creating armies and dueling with their neighbors – a standard style which you come to see in such free-to-play games these days.

Total War Battles: Kingdom is set in 10th-century England when the nation is emerging from the Dark Ages. According to the developer, the game is “bigger, richer, and [features] deeper gameplay” than other free-to-play games. Players can opt to play the game on the platform of their choosing and can switch between platforms on the fly.

With success, time and collected resources, players can then upgrade their cities for more productivity and armies for additional units and strength. Players will also be able to join massive multiplayer wars against other players in a fight for the throne.

A release date has not been mentioned, but the game is looking to fully release by the end of the year.