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Tony Hawk 5 is a Working Title: Activision Comments on Leak

Okay so a new Tony Hawk Pro Skater game is in the works. That is not news because we have known it since over a year now.

Back in February 2014 the legendary skateboarder had confirmed that he was working on a new title. Then, it was reconfirmed in November last year that he was working on the new game with Activision.

A couple of days after that, word reached us that the game in question was being made for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and finally in January this year the game was officially announced at CES 2015.

One thing was missing throughout all this: the name of the game. So when a known chef, tried to show off the arrangements he had made for an event, he also revealed a large screen in the background of the image he shared. The image clearly read Tony Hawk 5.

Ever since he shared the image it has gone viral all over the social media. This resulted in what could be repercussions for him and he took down the image – but not before many of the keen eyed gamers took screenshots! See below.

Tony Hawk 5

After being pushed for a comment, Activision, had to say something; and no Tony Hawk 5 is not the official name of the game. The publishers have confirmed this much that it is just a working title.

Well, it wouldn’t harm if they event went with it right? Who knows, they might.

However, if you were to choose, what name would you suggest for the game instead of Tony Hawk 5?