Sandra Bullock Terrified in the 911 Call Recording

The June 2014 incident that happened at Sandra Bullock’s house finally went to court for trial.

Last year a stalker broke into Bullock’s house pretending she was his wife. The trial opened with a 911 call recording which clearly states that Bullock was terrified. Hear the recording in the video above.

Stalker Joshua Corbett broke into Bullock’s home situated in Bel Air, California last summer. At first the actress thought it was wind but then she saw a man in sweat shirt going to her attic. She immediately hid in her closet, called 911 and reported the situation.

“I’m in my closet. I have a safe door; I’m locked in the closet right now. I thought it was a wind blowing then I saw the person.”

When the officers arrested Corbett they found a black notebook which he had in his hand. In the notebook was a two page love letter along with Bullock’s pictures from several magazines. Bullock was terrified as she was alone; fortunately her son was not home at the moment.

Officer Jose Bermudez from LAPD testified that Corbett said, “I’m sorry. I love you Sandy.”

Defense attorney Paul Takakjian said that Corbett is suffering from a delusion, he did not intend to harm Sandra Bullock all he wanted to do was deliver a love letter to a woman he thought he was married to.

“The love letter that Mr. Corbett carried with him professed nothing but love and admiration. There is nothing in there about harming her. The people are trying to make more of the case than there is.”

Wendy Segall, Deputy District Attorney said that Corbett was stalking Bullock for the past three nights as confirmed by the security footage obtained from Bullock’s gate cameras. Corbett is charged with 19 felony charges including possession of arsenal weapons, stalking and first degree burglary.