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Mojang Asks Feedback on Minecraft 1.9, The Combat Update

Ever since Mojang has started talking about what they are planning with Minecraft 1.9 update, there are been so many fans of the game that are worried what it might bring.

Now Nathan Adams aka Dinnerbone is asking the community at Reddit to come up and voice their opinions.

So what exactly triggered Mojang to go into such depths in relation to the contents of the upcoming Minecraft 1.9 update? Adams explained that there have been tons of varying concerns that are, on more occasions than one, contradicting even with each other:

I’ve had a lot of anxious comments since the 1.9 theme announcement. Basically, [there are] lots of worried people who like fighting in Minecraft and want to continue hugging people with weaponry.

That being said, he went on to ask the fans that the developers are looking forward to know what you would like, love or hate to see in the Minecraft 1.9 update:

I want everybody who cares to tell me what they most like about the current combat mechanics in Minecraft, what you hate the most, what kind of combat you prefer doing and why (killing mobs to survive, team based pvp, custom maps, whatever) and ideally any/all suggestions you have for us to make it more fun.

Tons of fans are heading to the thread and giving their opinions regarding an update that is going to be pretty bold with regards to the past of Minecraft.

The problem at hand now is that even the ones giving feedback to the developers are divided in their opinion. Looks like it is going to be a tough job to please everyone when Minecraft 1.9 update releases.