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GTA 5 PC: Rockstar Editor and Director Mode Detailed

When the GTA 5 PC version finally releases in four days from now, it will do many things. For instance, it will bring probably the most sought after game to PC in a long time, it will bring exclusive features to that game, and it will put an end to a series of smart (and to PC gamers, insensitive) memes.

Recently, some of the exclusive features that are going to be a part of the game were detailed by the developers namely the Rockstar Editor and the Director Mode.

The Rockstar Editor is actually a video editor that brings you a whole new set of tools that will help you in editing clips from within the game. Just like Xbox One does, it can record footage actively and playback whatever you want to watch again.

This means even if you weren’t recording and something interesting happened, GTA 5 PC version will have the footage ready and waiting for you. When you edit the video in Rockstar Editor it lets you choose the camera angles, add Spectator Mode camera filters, and adjust the background audio to whatever you want the video to highlight.

You will only be able to make 30 second videos though you can patch them together and get a good long footage which can later be exported, uploaded directly to YouTube and so on.

The Director Mode, on the other hand, lets you take charge of what happens in the game and use the Rockstar Editor to really act like a director to a movie.

Inside GTA 5 PC version, you get to select frequencies for characters, animals, props and so on. You get to add a script for the characters, set a scene where they will play the lines from the script and act upon the actions you choose.

Needless to say, you get to choose the background theme music, the time of the day and weather etc. Oh and as you progress through the game new items for the Director Mode keep getting unlocked.

Doesn’t this sound like a totally different game? Or was GTA 5 PC version supposed to be that awesome?