Godzilla Multiplayer Mode is Exclusive to PS4

Just a few days ago, Bandai Namco announced Godzilla VS for Japan on PlayStation 4. The company on the other also plans to bring the previously released GodZilla game to west later this year on PS3 and PS4.

Based on the new new information, Bandai Namco said there is no difference between the western PS4 version and the new Godzilla VS for PS4. Also, they said multiplayer portion of the game will be exclusive to said version.

Previous version of the game was only available on PlayStation 3 and was without an online mode.

The new Godzilla VS will feature more playable characters including all Kaiju. The game will ask you to fight three monsters at a time during certain missions.

The biggest addition to the game is a new character named Space Godzilla. His origin story is pretty interesting and one worth reading about.

He looks pretty similar to our existing version of Godzilla but is actually a clone. SpaceGodzilla is among the most intelligent of enemies Godzilla has ever faced. It is hypothesized that Godzilla’s cells somehow ended up in space and fell into a black hole. These cells mutated into a partially crystalline life form before coming out of a white hole.

SpaceGodzilla was created and he came back to Earth with an intent of world domination. GodZilla is the only one who can stop him.

The concept is pretty interesting and I would love to see a new movie made on this won’t you?