Game of Thrones Pirated 7 Million Times in Last 3 Months

If you thought that once a season ends people stop bothering over it and don’t return to it until the next season starts, you are wrong; and we have the piracy data of Game of Thrones to prove it.

Irdeto, a rights management and piracy protection firm has surveyed the piracy trends for the season in the past three months and revealed some really massive figures figures.

According to them, in the period between February 5, 2015 to April 6, 2015 pirates downloaded episodes of the season seven million times!

Just to give you the context, last year the figure was 4.9 million in the comparative period before season four was about to go on air.

That is a 45 percent jump up! So if anyone among you had doubts abut the popularity of Game of Thrones, there go your reservations. The public is loving the show, in fact they are loving it even more than before.

Also, the seven million figure in 90 days made it the most popular show among pirates with a great margin. The show coming second to it was none other than The Walking Dead which had 5.7 million downloads.

While both of these are shows that are still running, thee one at number three isn’t. Apparently Heisenberg still rules the streets! Breaking Bad was the third most downloaded season with 3.8 million downloads – why am I not surprised.

Following it was Vikings at 3.4 million and then House of Cards at 2.7 million.

Game of Thrones Season 5 starts on April 12, 2015; yes that is just two days from now! Finally!