The Flash – Chris Miller and Phil Lord are Writing the Script

Warner Bros have eyed the dynamic duo Chris Miller and Phil Lord to write the script for The Flash, big screen version.

Miller and Lord have previously worked on some massive box office hits such as The Lego Movie, both Jump Street movies and Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs. Currently they have The Lego’ Sequel and spinoff, The Lego Batman Movie.

When the studio first announced about The Flash’s big screen project, we all had it on our minds that this will be another super serious movie, but adding Miller and Lord to write the treatment we are not so sure anymore.

The duo never deviates far from the comic genre, so if in the future this movie comes out with strong punch lines instead of punches it won’t be a surprise. For now Miller and Lord are just writing, news about them directing remains unofficial.

Ezra Miller will star as ‘The Flash’, an incredibly fast superhero who is able to time travel because of his extraordinary speed. This character’s origin makes him a part of DC Comic’s Justice League that goes back to 1940. The character has never been outside the world of small screen, so this would be the first time.

The Flash however has almost three years before it releases, it will be produced by Alex Gartner and expected to release on March 23, 2018.