Dying Light Fixes Weapon Duplication Bug With New Patch

Techland has issued a new patch for Dying Light which corrects a rather fruitful feature for the game.

The new update brings the game to version 1.5.1 and ensures that players are no longer able to duplicate items. Prior to this, it was becoming a little too easy to clone out your weapons for maximum duration and benefits. This stops now.

The new patch also brings a slate of performance-related improvements, fixing the game’s achievements, and more.

Here are the full patch notes:


  • BTZ: Incorrect spit notifications fixed.
  • Weapon duplication bug fixed.
  • Specific achievements fixed.


  • Various performance improvements.


  • Windows/Linux cross play username and chat issues fixed.
  • Quick travel to players in coop fixed.
  • BTZ: UV block and Horde skills fixe.

A couple of weeks back, Techland informed the PC community that it would be soon bringing modding tools for the game, a feature which was missing from the initial days of the game’s release.

The plan is to introduce them to a select number of Dying Light fans through a closed beta phase. The developer has repeatedly stated its support and respect for the modding community. Make no mistake that Dying Light is going to receive an impressive kit of tools to tinker with.