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Destiny Update 1.1.2 Will Bring Changes to PvP Ammo Crates

Bungie has been talking about update 1.1.2 for weeks and has now said that the update will come to Destiny “very soon.” They will update us with a release date via a tweet in the near future.

As I said, they have been discussing this update for weeks and a lot has been shared. Bungie’s latest Weekly Update revealed a bit more about 1.1.2, which we are going to discuss here today.

The Crucible team wants to bring some changes to PvP ammunition crates. Mainly to the way they impact the flow of battle. Players are allowed to bring their most favorite and powerful weapons in battle. However, they require bullets to work.

Crucible Designer Kevin Yanes outlined some changes we can expect to see in Destiny update 1.1.2

  • Make Special ammo a more precious resource in Crucible
  • Further solidify Heavy ammo’s role in the Crucible
  • Further improve the balance of encounters by limiting high-damage weapons

Yanes further said that the team has been listening to feedback from players on the forum and from people in the studio. He says by introducing a new ammo system, they can make the Crucible experience better.

Creating a new system to manage ammo drops will enable us to adjust the Crucible experience without altering other activities in your Director. We believe that making ammo more scarce and important will provide players with more choices and more memorable encounters in Crucible.

Special ammo will be less frequent on the maps and will take longer to pick-up. You’ll find less crates and bricks will provide you with less ammo. Bungie wants to make players think hard before they use ammo and strategize their play.

The hope is that you’ll ask yourself questions like:
“Is this snipe worth it right now?”
“Should I really shotgun rush these players?”
“Should I conserve ammo until the next crate?”

You can read more about the changes in the link given above.