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Zynga CEO Don Mattrick Leaves as Founder Replaces Him

It was July 2013 when we reported to you on Don Mattrick’s departure from Microsoft as Interactive Entertainment Business President to join Zynga as their new CEO.

Now, he is moving along to something else.

A press release from the social gaming company announced his retirement from the post of company CEO today.

The founder and chairman of Zynga, Mark Pincus is scheduled to take the place of Don Mattrick as the chief executive officer. Pincus, while bidding farewell to Mattrick, expressed gratitude towards his effort in bringing the company to a better place.

He then detailed some of the financial improvements under Mattrick’s leadership as well:

Don joined us in a very important time in our evolution. I sincerely thank him for his leadership in better serving our players in a mobile first world and for delivering world class quality and value to our consumers. The team’s hard work for our mobile players has resulted in bookings growing from 27% mobile bookings when Don joined to 60% by the end of last year.

On the other hand Don plans to return to Canada for his, currently unannounced, next venture. He said that Zynga was in a much better place to succeed now than it was when he joined the company, and that the time was right for Pincus himself to take the lead.

During his time at the social gaming company, Don Mattrick also helped them acquire NaturalMotion which has brought them titles like Clumsy Ninja and CSR Racing.

On a side note, Mattrick jumped from one of the dream jobs in the market down to the chief executive of a much smaller company in 2013, where do you think he will go from here?