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WoW Tokens Have Already Lost 25% of their In-Game Value

Who could have thought that with millions of users playing a game, and countless joining in every day, something that gives you a much needed edge inside the game could get depreciated in value so soon?

I am taking about the WoW Tokens that were launched only a little over a day ago. According to recent news, at least 25 percent of their in-game value has been lost.

The WoW Tokens went live for a price tag of $20 and could be exchanged for a lump of 30,000 gold. However, if you check the Auction House now, you will see that the latter has dipped to 22,631 leaving just a little over 75 percent of their value intact.

How could this happen in just one day? Apparently, the excitement around the items was such that people started buying them in bulk as soon as they were launched. The idea was to purchase them now and sell them later at higher prices (the in-game value of the Tokens changes).

On the contrary, when huge numbers of WoW Tokens were bought and pushed into the market for being sold by the buyers, the supply in the Auction House increased beyond the demand resulting in a decrease in price.

Basic economics folks!

For now, nothing can be said about the future value of the WoW Tokens, it could improve or it could fall further depending on how eager the players are to sell what they bought for real money.

My suggestion would be to avoid flooding the market with your offers.