Top Ten Cities: Skylines Mods That Deserve Your Attention

Thanks to our modding community, games can be much more than they originally are. Mods let us modify our favorite games to create something even special and unique.

Many PC games support mods and the newly released Cities: Skylines is no different. Modders have modified the game in numerous ways already and today we will talk about the top 10 Cities: Skylines Mods that deserve some attention.


This one is without a doubt my most favorite mod for Cities: Skylines. Long time Sims fans will remember a game called SimCopter. It allowed us to transfer our SimCity 2000 maps and fly around in them using a helicopter. This Cities: Skylines mod does the same. Players  are required to build a hanger to store the helicopter before they can benefit from this mod.

CityCopter is being developed by InconsolableCellist on Reddit. The helicopter you fly comes with its own collision detection system and even a cockpit.

First-person Camera

OK this one can either be highly useful or highly creepy. In Cities: Skyline you’re in control, you’re in-charge and for you to run your city in the best possible way, you must get to know your city and its residents better. This mod will let you go into a first person camera mode and stroll down the streets. Stalk citizens as they go to work every day or observe some of your creations up-close. All this is possible by pressing the tab button.

Public Soccer Field

Well, if you’re living in a city you do need some entertainment right? How about some Soccer? Yes, you’re city can now accommodate a soccer field for your citizens. Most of all, it raises land value.

Auto Save

When Cities: Skylines came out, it was without an auto-save feature. This was really annoying because if you don’t manually save your progress, you’ll lose it. However, thanks to an Auto Save mod we can relax and enjoy the game without having to worry about saving. What’s really convenient is that you are allowed to set how frequently the game is saved.

The mod uses one auto save slot per city, so make sure the names of your cities are different.

Traffic Report Tool

Traffic management can become a pain during your time with Cities: Skylines. The developers failed to provide us an in-depth tool for traffic management so we can properly see traffic flow. This will change after you install Traffic Report Tool. This will help you figure what the hell is a donut van doing in an industrial district. Originally, the game shows heat maps to indicate the flow, but Traffic Report Tool uses arrows that are far more helpful to determine which areas are getting congested.

Automatic Bulldoze  

Cities: Skylines isn’t the easiest of games and you will need a lot of skill to keep your city safe, happy and crime-free. However, you won’t be successful 100% of the time. People will abandon their properties, buildings will catch on fire and plenty of other issues will occur. The game doesn’t automatically destroys these abandoned properties but Automatic Bulldoze does.

Buildings that caught fire or are abandoned will be wiped out automatically after installing this mod.

Fire-station Ghostbusters

Now this has to be coolest of them all. The fire-station building we saw in the popular movie franchise Ghostbusters is now available in Cities: Skylines. Unfortunately, you can’t actually use it for Ghostbusting purposes but your city does need a fire-station right? Why can’t it be the coolest fire-station ever?

Moving Sun

Thanks to this mod, sun will move automatically to present a full day cycle. It will rise in the east and will set in the west, giving your city a different lighting throughout the day.  By default, the sun will complete its cycle in one minute, however, you can adjust the speed between 1 second to 24 hours.

Creator rmbackslash prefers it between 3-5 minutes.

True Colour Correction

Although Cities: Skylines isn’t known for its visuals and we don’t really care, but the game does need some improvements. Especially when it comes to color. The game does feature some color settings setting but they are nothing compared to the True Color Correction mod.

It stays true to what developers intended for the game, while making the colors less dull by offering a range of lighting and brightness options.

Tree Brush

Some genius actually came up with an idea to only allow players to place one tree at a time in Cities: Skylines. That is really time consuming and all out impractical. So one modder decided to fix this issue and create Tree Brush. A mod that allow us to place more than one tree in a certain area.

It’s very similar to the way we paint districts, but instead of that we are painting trees in a large area.

There are over 30,000 mods available for Cities: Skylines, you can browse through all of them on Steam.

So which is your favorite mod for Cities Skylines? Let us know in the comments.