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Square Enix Teases “Secret” Announcement For Next Week

Square Enix has launched a new website that teases an upcoming announcement for a “secret” project.

The page is listed as “Square Enix New Project” and apparently has a reveal date hidden inside. DualShockers was the first to discover that by clicking the Facebook or Twitter sharing buttons on the page, a message would pop up revealing when the studio plans to announce the game.

“Square Enix New Project. NEXT 2015.04.13”

In three days (Monday, April 13), we’ll know what new game Square Enix has in store for us. The company clearly is not done with its announcements this month, having announced Deus Ex: Mankind Divided earlier this week.

Another secretive hint that Square Enix has placed on the website is in the form of the letters “S A R” and the numbers “0 1 0 1.” There’s no telling what they could mean, but will probably make sense when the official announcement is made next week. We’ll probably also know then as to what genre this new game is, what platforms it’s heading for and a tentative release date.

There’s a lot on Square Enix’s plate right now. Adding to the new Deus Ex game and whatever this new secret project is, the studio is also working on Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV. Each one of those games (assuming for the new announcement) has a considerable large fan-base, making each release a highly anticipated one.

You can checkout the teaser website here.