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Rockstar Games Based Movie Could Star Daniel Radcliffe

Okay so if you have not heard of this one before, let me fill you in. Currently, a movie is in the pipeline that is going to be based on real life accounts of the Grand Theft Auto creators; and Daniel Radcliffe aka our dear old Harry Potter could be the leading star in it!

We all know how Rockstar Games and Grand Theft Auto have been criticized by many for allegedly promoting sex, violence and other illegal activities. One of the guys who really took it to heart was Jack Thompson, an attorneyin Florida who wanted to get the series banned.

This ensued a fight between him and the founder off Rockstar Games/ creator of Grand Theft Auto, Sam Houser; the story was highlighted by the media so much that now a movie is being made on it.

According to a report by THR, Daniel Radcliffe is currently in talks with BBC Films for the role of Sam Houser.

The movie is going to be directed by Owen Harris who is known for directing Misfits and Black Mirror. Other than that, the script has been written by James Wood, produced by Jim Spencer and executive produced by Mark Hedgecoe.

For those who do not know, a book has been written on the events highlighted above by David Kushner. The book is titled Jacked: The Outlaw Story of Grand Theft Auto and the movie is going to be based on it.

If Daniel Radcliffe comes on board, the shooting will start on April 20.