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Reddit AMA: Triad Wars Developers Talk Map Expansion, Sleeping Dogs 2 and More

Triad Wars developers gathered over at reddit recently for an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session, that revealed plenty of interesting details about the game.

Fans asked a variety of questions including inquiries about long term plans for Triad Wars and how the game fits into Sleeping Dogs.

James Agay, Game Designer, revealed that Triad Wars takes places before the events of Sleeping Dogs. Hong Kong is in chaos due to triad wars.”So, you’re playing as part of the problem that Wei Shen was sent in to clean up.”

There is some awesome news for players as well. United Front Games will add the entire map from Sleeping Dogs to Triad Wars. This will allow players to build their gang in an expansive environment. Developers would also like to expand beyond that but it may take a while before they do so.

For now, they are focused on bringing a balance to the game and improving the North Point content.

One of the biggest selling points of Triad Wars is without a doubt its combat system. United Front representatives said they do plan on adding more fighting styles to the game. Players will be allowed to mix their moves for different combos among other additions.

Future patches will introduce these changes.

One of the most asked questions is regarding Sleeping Dogs 2. Developers told us to “never say never with SD2,”
but for the time being there is nothing to share. They love the world of Sleeping Dogs and will keep finding new ways to explore it.

These were some of the details that came out of the reddit AMA. You can visit the link above to know more about Triad Wars and United Front Games.