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Microsoft Has No Current Interest in Doing Something in “VR Space,” Says Phil Spencer

Every company with a major stake in the video games industry is currently tinkering with Virtual Reality. The new mode of play is expected to take the game’s experience to new heights, by bringing gameplay ever so close to reality.

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer recently talked about the VR program, saying that the industry is still far from achieving its true goal with virtual reality. He made it clear that Microsoft has no current plans to jump straight into the pool, and will instead wait it out by testing the waters.

“It’s more of an announcement than anybody really having any VR stuff right now – and that’s not a shot at Sony. I mean, it’s hard tech, and I think it’s great what they’re doing with Morpheus. But they’ve announced [it for] the first half of 2016, so a little over a year from now,” he said in the new issue of Edge Magazine.

“I look at VR as an interesting space. It’s certainly different to the mixed reality we do with HoloLens, but there’s nothing that precludes us from doing something in the VR space,”

According to Spencer, Microsoft is more interested in making sure that the Xbox One receives the best VR experience possible. Simply adding a less-than-impressive tag just for show is not something that will be beneficial for the console and company.

“Right now, it’s just been about technologies and things that I think we need to do on Xbox One to make the experience better, and that’s where our focus has been. And I don’t think VR is a now thing. I’m not saying it’s five years from now, but it’s not really a now now thing.”

Microsoft, Sony, Valve, Facebook, and Samsung, have all announced their VR devices – some of which are expected to release by next year.