League of Legends: Ryze Update Heads to PBE

The next champion in League of Legends to receive an overhaul to his/her kit is one of the game’s original forty champions, Ryze.

A couple of his abilities have gone through “hefty changes,” while all have now been updated with new sound effects and pretty visuals. Here’s a complete rundown to his new kit:

Passive: Arcane Mastery
Ryze builds up stacks of Arcane Mastery as he casts his abilities. After reaching max stacks, Ryze becomes temporarily supercharged and gains a couple of powerful buffs: casting an ability significantly reduces the cooldown of his other abilities. Ryze also gains a shield based on his max mana.

Q: Overload
Ryze fires a ball of rune energy out in a target direction, damaging the first enemy struck.

W: Rune Prison
Ryze traps a targeted enemy, damaging them and rooting them for a short duration.

E: Spell Flux
Ryze targets an enemy unit, blasting them with a slow-moving ball of energy that, after striking the target, splits to damage all nearby enemies before returning to Ryze’s original target, dealing increasing damage based on the number of bolts.

R: Desperate Power
Passive: Ryze passively gains cooldown reduction.
Active: Ryze channels immense power, gaining significant spell vamp and movement speed and turning all of his abilities into area of effect abilities.

As Riot puts it, Ryze has always been an all or nothing champion, heavily dependent on maxing his mana pool as soon as possible. With the new update, Riot is looking to balance him by giving Ryze a valuable presence in lane during the early game, while also giving a period of weakness when his passive is down.

Source League of Legends