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Idris Elba Not ‘English Enough’ to play James Bond, Denies all Rumors

Looks like we won’t need this fan made poster anymore with Idris Elba and 007 as the actor denies all rumors about him playing James Bond.

The Luther star says that he tries to avoid the media but everything seems to stick. Although he clarified (or at least tried) that Roger Moore’s comment about James Bond being “English-English” was just the character’s description and the former Bond did not mean it in a racist manner.

“I try not to hear about it, if I’m really honest. The whole thing sits in the press quite a bit, but I’m not sure why. Apparently the idea of a black James Bond is controversial… I really haven’t been paying attention.”

Idris Elba says that he was born and raised in England so it makes him English, as for him being the next Bond; the chances are all gone because of the mass media assumptions. He also denied that the ‘so called’ talks with the 007 producers ‘never happened’.

“It’s a rumor that’s really started to eat itself. If there was a chance of me getting Bond, it’s gone. About four years ago, he said, ‘Idris Elba would be a great Bond,’ and then it started to creep. I blame Daniel.”

Elba said that Daniel Craig is the initiator of this rumor; Craig suggested that he’d make a great Bond and fans just could not stop themselves from spreading and believing.

Idris Elba told Shortlist that all rumors about him playing Bond are just rumors; there is no truth to it.

“I get asked about it a lot and the truth is it’s just a rumor. There’s no truth to me playing Bond at all. But it’s an amazing part – I don’t think there’s any actor who wouldn’t like to play Bond.”

So here it is finally coming out from the man himself, the hopes Elba fans about seeing him as the next Bond are crushed.