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Grand Theft Auto V Retail Uses 7 Discs On PC

Games these days are massive in size, it is not uncommon for them to be around 50-60 GB. On top of that we get regular patches and updates that keep adding to its size.

When Grand Theft Auto V was announced for PC, it was expected to be huge and as we now know, it is indeed among the biggest games in terms of install size. It requires players to have at least 65GB of free space in their hard drive, which isn’t an issue considering PCs these days have plenty of storage capacity.

Also, downloading such a massive game isn’t a problem as well, as majority of gamers these days have decent internet connections. However, there is portion of gamers, like me, who don’t have a fast enough internet connection.

So we mostly pick-up physical copies of a game. Same is the case when it comes to Grand Theft Auto V. Most games are spread across 2-4 discs but you’ll be surprised to know that GTA V  uses 7, I repeat, 7 discs on PC. Installing seven discs seems pretty weird but it definitely has its benefits too.


The biggest benefit is that you won’t have to download so much data and wait for hours before you can play the game. Also, if you’re HDD fills-up, you can delete the game anytime you want and re-install later when more space is available.

Grand Theft Auto V is expected to release on PC on April 14. Digital pre-load has gone live on Steam and Rockstar Warehouse.

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