Cities: Skylines is Teaching Mayors the Management Skills

What I’m about to tell you is one of the most bizarre news stories ever. Mayor of Coulterville, California claims that he learned his city management skills from City simulators like Cities: Skylines and SimCity.

That’s right, and here I thought I am only good enough to be an in-game mayor. We should all apply don’t you think?
He says his exceptional skills in waste management, traffic management, district management and other city affairs is all thanks to Cities: Skylines.

Mayor Mark Skalberg, previously worked for Mcdonald’s as well as a local tourist office before applying for Mayor’s position. He revealed that he applied for a few other jobs as well and never failed to mention his accomplishments in Cities: Skylines in his resume.

I have to say for a gamer, this is one inspiring story:

If you just start big, you’ll fall hard. You need to lay out the groundwork for your town, and start with the basics. In the game I lay out water lines, and make sure that the sewage is down river from where the water source feeds the city’s pipes. Of course there’s essentials, and a lot of people can do that, but it all comes down to the relationships between the different mechanics. When you have sewage, electricity, traffic, and district zones all vying for your attention, things become very complex. I believe managing these systems in the game have given me an edge over my competition in the work force.

Residents of Coulterville, California should rest assured that their city’s district zoning, utility systems ,traffic management and tourist attractions are in capable hands.

Also, how hard could it be to manage the population of 201 people? However, Skalberg doesn’t let this fact make him rest easy. He still spends most of his time playing Cities: Skylines to improve his city management skills.