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Battlefield Hardline InfoGraphic Reveals Most Played Maps, Modes

Infographics are a new way to advertise games and get people interested these days. We often see Call of Duty share different facts & figures from the game, like how many grenades have been used or how many boosts jumps were performed.

Now, we have some fresh figures from Battlefield Hardline as well. EA and Visceral released a new infographic earlier to show the most played modes, used classes and maps in Battlefield Hardline.

The game was released on March 17, so it hasn’t been out a whole month yet. However, players have already managed to play Hardline for over 2 Billion minutes. According to Visceral, that’s 3,800 years of gameplay.

It seems cops have the upper hand when it comes to Battlefield Hardline, as 52% of rounds played were won by cops. Criminals need to up their game I’m afraid.

Three of the most popular games mods in Hardline are Hotwire, Heist and Conquest Large. Since release, 488 players were able to reach level 150. 80,477 players were killed by the driveable sofa and 224,943,351 multiplayer battles were held in the game.

As for most played maps, it includes Downtown, Everglades and Riptide.

In Battlefield Hardline, most popular class was the Operator which is used by 46% of players. Meanwhile, Profissional 22%, Mechanic 21% and Enforcer is %11 used.

Players managed to earn $901 billion in Hardline. You can the entire infographic below.

Battlefield Hardline is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

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