Visceral Games’ GM Steve Papoutsis Leaves EA

It has come to light that Steve Papoutsis has relinquished his position as the General Manager at Visceral Games.

According to Kotaku, his position has now been filled by Scott Probst, the son of EA chairman of the board, Larry Probst. There has been no clarification on Papoutsis’ sudden departure and if he plans to join another company.

“We are thankful for Steve’s many contributions to EA and wish him the best,” reads an official statement from an EA representative. “The Visceral team continues to be focused on new game content for Battlefield Hardline including expansion packs, as well as new development projects.”

Steve Papoutsis was the Executive Producer on Battlefield: Hardline, which was released just last month for all major platforms. In addition to that, he is also known for his dedicated work with the Dead Space series.

In related news, Battlefield: Hardline has seemingly failed to grasp on to popularity which is mostly a part of every new release in a popular franchise. According to a recent survey conducted by P-Stats Network, Battlefield 4 is still more popular than the new release. In fact even Battlefield 3 was rated higher than Hardline. This probably has a lot to do with the game’s new cops-versus-robbers setting, opposed to the previous hardcore military warfare.