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Rosa Mendes Confirmed For WWE 2K16

The beautiful WWE Diva Rosa Mendes has confirmed that she’ll be appearing in WWE 2K16, which is to release later this year.

The confirmation was given on Twitter in response to a fan-asked question. While it’s unclear if she’ll be featured as a playable character, it makes little sense to include a Diva in the latest installment of the wrestling franchise and not allow players to play as her.

According to reports 2K Games is said to be planning to include either the full or at least a large part of the current roster. We’ll probably be hearing more about other characters that made it through to the game, as the months go by.

Last month, Sasha Banks also revealed that she will be in the game. Like Mendes, she also responded to a fan on her Twitter account when asked whether she was being canned from the game or not.

WWE 2K16 will bring back ‘Create-A-Finisher,’ a feature that was missing from the recently released WWE 2K15 installment. The developer is currently busy with recording motion capture footage of wrestlers showcasing their moves, entrances, and other gestures. The new game is hyped to contain even smoother animations and better visuals.

WWE 2K16 is in development for the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360, and will release in October.

Source Twitter