Report: Dead Island 2 Has Been Pushed Further Into 2015

According to new reports, Dead Island 2 has been delayed. The game was expected to hit the market in spring this year.

Dead Island 2 was announced last year and since it has been revealed, things have been rather quiet. Nothing new has been shared by the developers, their website hasn’t been updated in a while and same is the case with Dead Island 2 twitter page.

Obviously, questions were going to be raised as to what is happening behind the scenes. Those questions haven’t been answered by official sources but some internal links claim that the game has been delayed.

One report suggests that it will now release in Autumn, while the other claims it is slated for a Fall release.

Interestingly, Amazon has listed the game for a December 31,2016 release. For a game that was supposed to come out it 2015, listing a placeholder date of 2016 is certainly suspicious.

Because nothing has been confirmed by developer Deep Silver, it is very much possible that Dead Island 2 may even be pushed out of 2015.

It wouldn’t be surprising if the delay turns out to be true. The trend which started in 2014 continues this year as well. We have already seen The Witcher 3, Quantum Break and Uncharted 4 being delayed.  Who knows how many more will suffer the same faith.

Personally, I have a serious problem with the way developers reveal their games. Announcing games 1-2 or maybe even 3 years before release is just ridiculous.

The game should not be announced until it’s in the alpha stage, and should be released within 5-8 months after that.