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Kanye West Settles the 2013 Lawsuit With Paparazzo

In July 2013, Kanye West was sued by paparazzo Daniel Ramos for assault, negligence, battery and denying Ramos of his civil rights. However, the issue has now been put to rest.

West and Ramos resolved the issue outside of the court one week prior to the trial phase. The 37-year-old singer publicly apologized Ramos for his unacceptable behavior at the Los Angeles Airport 2 years back.

West attacked the paparazzo after he asked, “Kanye, why can’t we talk to you?” The singer lashed out, reached for his camera, tried to break it and in the process Ramos injured his right hip when he fell off.

Although it is still unclear if West had to pay Ramos money for making the case go away or not. Both sides decided to stay quiet on the matter of making the settlement public.

Gloria Allred, Ramos’ lawyer posted an image of the two shaking hands showing mutual understanding on the case. She further elaborated that this particular case is the perfect example of law being the highest authority.

“This case sent an important message. Celebrities are not above the law, and they have no right to physically attack someone simply because they were asked a question,” said Gloria Allred

West was sentenced to a year in prison but he submitted no contest plea and was released on probation for two years. The judge has advised him to attend 24 anger management classes, 250 hours of community service and pay Ramos the damage amount for his camera.