James Bond Spectre Trailer Remake in GTA 5 is Interesting

In November 2015 James Bond will once again bring the cinemas to their toes with Spectre. Daniel Craig’s fourth movie in the 007 series, this one is really turning up the heat and we can even see that in the gaming community.

Fans of the James Bond saga who also happen to be GTA 5 fans will be enticed to see the trailer above with is actually an (almost) complete remake of the upcoming movie inside Rockstar’s billion dollar making videogame.

A YouTuber named Joris Prudhon has re-enacted the official teaser trailer number one of the film.

Obviously a game has its limitations and the dramatic effects that you can expect from a movie as grand as a James Bond flick would be sometimes missing from an in-game recreation of the same, but the efforts are worth a watch for sure.

GTA 5 is celebrated by millions of fans just like Spectre will be come November, and I am sure fans who have waited for the PC version of the game know how hard it would be for diehard 007 fans to wait that long.

That being said, Spectre releases initially in Denmark on October 23, 2015 and elsewhere later on November 6, 2015. Until then, check out the GTA 5 remake of the teaser above and tell us what you think.