Here’s Why Bloodborne Suffers From Long Loading Times

As amazing as Bloodborne is, the game can become frustrating due to its difficulty. To make things worse, we also have really long loading times to deal with. It’s a major annoyance for those eager to jump back in the game after dying and doing things differently.

Every game has loading times, short or long, they are there. When we are presented with a loading screen we aren’t told what is happening behind the scene. Same is the case with Bloodborne, we have no idea what is happening and how it affects loading times.

Thankfully, some explanation was offered on the matter by a few anonymous developers. According to them, Bloodborne resets completely after you die or visit Hunter’s Dream. Every destructible object, enemy and location is restarted and replaced.

One developer says:

It certainly seems to reload the entire environment. If you die without taking a single step, you’d expect less time [to load] needed than a 30 minute adventure.

I can’t imagine reloading enemies alone taking that long, but piles of books, barrels and such, are all back in their original state too [when you restart]. These all have physics, but [are] probably ‘sleeping’ until you get near.

Another developer thinks it’s due to textures and different locations, buildings, stairs, walls. All of it is loaded onto the memory from scratch.

Developers say that this method may not be efficient, but it is safe. Loading the game this way means that any bugs or issues you may have encountered before could improve.

However, Sony and From Software are planning to release a new patch that will reduce loading times. We don’t yet have a release date for it, but we do know that it will also deal with some performance issues and bugs.

Bloodborne is available exclusively for PlayStation 4.