Football Manager Classic 2015 Announced for Tablets

If you happen to have a high-end Android or iOS tablet and are a Football Manager fan, we have some great news for you. According to a new announcement made by the creators of Football Manager, the franchise is heading to tablets this Thursday.

With this new game, they are promising the most comprehensive manager experience. The game will feature real-life football clubs from 117 leagues in 51 countries. It’s time to say goodbye to productivity and be consumed by Football Manager Classic 2015.

According to Miles Jacobson, Football Manager Classic 2015 “is the Classic game mode from PC on tablet. There are very few differences between the two.”

What he means is that the game comes with a 3D match engine rather than a simple top-down dots on pitch. The game will be available to download in 16 languages, so football lovers across the globe can enjoy the title without any issues.

You can’t transfer your saved data from PC to tablet version for now, but the developers plan to add this feature down the road.

There is something you should know though, since it’s more like a full PC game, it will cost you £14.99.

It is a full product, as in, it is a full PC product, so we’re going with a price of £14.99, which is obviously high for iOS but very cheap for PC and Mac. We’ve been debating this one quite a lot and looking at quite a lot of different models, but for the amount of playtime that people are going to get, it’s still fantastic value for money.

Do you think the price is justified? Let us know in the comments.