Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Gets New Gear-Set for Advanced Supply Drops

Here’s some exciting news for gamers who like to buy gear and weapons in Advanced Warfare. Developer Sledgehammer has announced new character gear for Advanced Supply Drops.

The inclusion of the character-set got leaked before an official announcement, when some users shared images of the set. Later-on, Sledgehammer confirmed it via a tweet:

The gear-set includes Lagoon, Kraken, Tiki, Surfer, and a special SHG set. Reports suggests that the gear is only available on Xbox One and Xbox 360 for now.

What’s funny is that you’re not actually paying for this gear, you’re just paying for a chance to get it. Let me tell you how Advanced Supply Drops work, if you don’t already know.

One supply drop contains three items of loot that you can buy for $1.99. These items are random so you don’t know what you’re getting. All we are told is that there will be one weapon variant and one professional or above item.

You have no control over what you’re getting and that is because Sledgehammer don’t want the game to have any sort of pay-to-win model.

So when you pay in hopes of getting your hands on this new gear, it’s a 50/50 chance you’ll get what you want. I understand what Sledgehammer wanted to do with Advanced Supply Drops, but I think they should give us some control over them.

For example, there is no harm to have the gear of your choice added to an Advanced Supply Drop. The only thing we shouldn’t have control over is weapons.

If you wish to know more about Advanced Supply Drops, follow the link here.

Do you think giving players some control over the content of Advanced Supply Drops will upset balance? Share what you think in the comments.