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Batman Arkham Knight Media Manager Talks Batmobile, Arkham Knight and More

Batman Arkham Knight is the last entry in the Arkham trilogy and will give a proper send-off to The Dark Knight. The game was announced last year and after a few delays is now expected in June on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

This time, Batman will go up against several enemies including Scarecrow and a new enemy named Arkham Knight.

Arkham Knight is a mysterious character and we don’t really know much about him yet. Some previously released footage indicated that Scarecrow brought him into the action and he seem to have a personal vendetta against Batman.

Media Manager for the developers, Gaz Deaves was recently asked how Arkham Knight is different from existing enemies of Batman. He explained that when it comes to Batman stories, the idea is of “escalation.”

Batman constantly works towards making himself better and same is the case with his enemies. They improve themselves to adapt to Batman’s tactics and survive.

According to him, “Arkham Knight is the apex of that escalation,” here is more of his comments:

[He has] broken the old rules of engagement and raised the stakes through the roof by bringing a full occupying army into Gotham. He’s an expert tactician who understands how dangerous Batman can be, and he knows that he’ll have to exploit all of Batman’s weaknesses to beat him. Even the design of the Arkham Knight’s helmet is a taunt aimed at Batman – a psychological weapon to provoke a reaction and prey on Batman’s fears.

Arkham Knight will be Batman’s toughest challenge yet but thanks to Rocksteady, our protagonist isn’t alone. For the first time in Batman Arkham Knight players will be able to storm the streets of Gotham in a Batmobile. An armoured vehicle that will help our hero during certain missions of the game.

Deaves revealed that Batmobile won’t always be available to Batman in Arkham Knight. He will have to go through certain missions without its help.

The delay of the game has helped developers polish many aspects of the game including Free Flow combat. Players will see an improved combat system compared to previous Arkham games.