Squad is the New Game of Battlefield 2 Project Reality Modders

If you are long time fan of the Battlefield series you will remember the Battlefield 2 Project Reality mod which got popularity owing to the attempts made by the developers at turning the game into a simulator.

Now, the same team is coming together for a game of their own.

Together they are called the Offworld Industries and the game they are working on is titled Squad. It is an online multiplayer title that recently hit Steam Greenlight for your attention.

At their Greenlight page, the developers mention Unreal Engine 4, support for up to 50 players, interactive environments, strategic and leadership elements as well as base building:

Built from the ground up in the Unreal Engine 4, Squad pits teams of up to 50 players against each other in white knuckle modern day combined-arms combat scenarios, with both conventional and unconventional forces.

The players dictate how the scenarios unfold with base-building and interactive environments, intuitive squad command and management tools and large-scale warfare where strategy and leadership are just as important as a quick trigger finger.

If all that is not enough, you can watch the announcement trailer of Squad above which – as of now – doesn’t emphasize on gameplay but just the features that the game boasts of.

What do you think? Will Squad be a different game from others like the Battlefield 2 Project Reality was?