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PayDay 2: The Alesso Heist DLC Features DJ Alesso Himself

Developer Starbreeze is collaborating with DJ and music producer Alesso over a new “The Alesso Heist” DLC for PayDay.

The new content will take place during an Alesso concert and feature an original music piece called PayDay from the artist’s upcoming album, Forever.

Alessandro Lindblad is also going to be appearing in the game as himself. At this time though, no screenshots of his in-game model have been released, and neither do we know what players will be stealing from his concert.

“I’m a huge gaming fan,” Alesso said in a statement. “Starbreeze asked me to do my own piece of the game and appear in the game itself and it was an immediate ‘Yes’ from me.”

The Alesso Heist DLC will introduce four new masks that have been designed by the DJ, four new melee weapons, four new achievements to unlock, and a new ranged weapon for the game that will surely get players excited.

The DLC will be made available for $ 6.99/€ 6.99 on PC in May through Steam and other digital distribution channels. PayDay 2 is due for release on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this June as the Crimewave Edition, which will include previously released add-on content.