Patch 1.0.7c Released For Cities: Skylines, Focuses on Bugs and Stability

Paradox Interactive has released a new patch for Cities: Skylines, bringing the game to version 1.0.7c. The new update mostly includes aspects from the previous 1.0.6 patch that were ultimately removed due to an unintentional bug in the last 1.0.7b update which disrupted the game’s saving system.

However, not all is well at the studio. According to the developer, the team is still concentrating on “solving the most common technical and accessibility issues some users are experiencing,” and that is what version 1.0.7c focuses on.

Those that do update to the latest version will gain access to the Japanese zen garden buildings. Rescaling issues with the Asset Editor have been fixed, and most importantly, “Embedded mod information to save games (to help debugging and for future improvements).”

The patch also comes with a suggestion for all who play the game with mods enabled. It’s advised to load up version 1.0.7c in mod-free mode first:

“Please note that if you run a heavily modded version of the game you might want to disable your mods and start a new city to ensure the vanilla game works properly – before you try running your modded city.“

You can read the full changelog by following the link here.