Nvidia GeForce Hotfix 350.05 Takes Care of Game Crashes

If you have been at the receiving end of game crashes owing to a few bugs in the GeForce 347.88 WHQL driver, you are in luck today.

Nvidia has released a GeForce hotfix driver to get rid of the crashes.

The Nvidia Geforce HotFix driver 350.05 attends to two game crashing bugs specifically related to Battlefield Hardline and Dragon Age Inquisition. Here are the details provided by the manufacturers:

  • Battlefield Hardline – crash with a Direct X error message on some systems
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition – TDR crash with some 600 and 700 series cards

Not sure what exactly a HotFix driver is? Well, it is actually an update targeted at specific issues in the game – and not a whole new driver – that Nvidia releases so that the needs of specific users can be met and they can get fixes in a quicker way.

These drivers are basically the same as the previous released version, with a small number of additional targeted fixes. The fixes that make it in are based in part on your feedback in the Driver Feedback threads and partly on how realistic it is for us to quickly address them. These fixes (and many more) will be incorporated into the next official driver release, at which time the Hotfix driver will be taken down.

For those that are interested in downloading the GeForce HotFix driver 350.05, Nvidia has also provided five versions depending on the operating system you are using i.e. for 32 bit Desktop, 32 bit Notebook, 64 bit Desktop and 64 bit Notebook.

You can go here to get the download link to the appropriate version.