New Tekken 7 Gameplay from NCR2015; Revenge, Lucky Chloe, Stages and More

Tekken 7 is already available in the Japanese arcades and fans are now waiting for its arrival on home consoles.

Bandai Namco is yet to announce a release date for it, but to ease the pain of waiting we have some brand new gameplay footage from Tekken 7 for you.

The video is from the recently held NCR Event and was uploaded to Twitch. The footage will give over 1.5 hours of gameplay and will show different characters like Lars, Shaheen, Paul, Lucky Chloe and others battling it out across Devil’s Pit and more new stages.

There are a total of six rounds in each match, and the first to win three of them wins the fight. At the end of each match you can either choose to hold a revenge match or exit the game. Revenge match is sort of a new take on restarting I guess.

This is the first time we got to see Lucky Chloe in detail and she looks really similar to Eddy Gordo; her fighting style instantly reminds me of him.

It’s a long footage so grab some popcorn sit back and enjoy the game. Check back with us for more on Tekken 7.