Has Xbox One in China Just Gone Region Free?

Xbox One received its April Update yesterday, much to the delight of fans who finally received features that had been on the most-requested list for quite a while. For the console in China though, the update had an additional feature and which removed the region locking mechanism from the Xbox One.

There has been no official confirmation on this from neither Microsoft nor the Chinese distributor BesTV. However, players from the region are reporting that their consoles are no longer locked.

Previously, the Xbox One owners in China were granted access to games and videos only on Chinese Servers. After yesterday’s update though, the player-base is now able to play their consoles from anywhere in the world.

Region locking is always frowned upon by consumers, but companies are still forced to consider it in order to to control price across various countries.

It’s important to note that the PlayStation 4 is also region locked in China. With Microsoft finally giving its console freedom in the region, Sony may have to think about retracting theirs as well.

We’ll wait for the official confirmation to know why the region locking was removed so stealthily.