DriveClub Getting a Major Server Update Today, Will Be Offline for Eight Hours

It’s no secret that DriveClub suffered from server side issues upon release. Since then, developers have been trying to resolve any and all issues that are present or may pop-up in the future.

For that purpose, DriveClub developer Evolution Studios is planning major server-side updates today. According to a post on their official Facebook page, servers of the game will be down from 11 AM BST for maintenance that is expected to take around 8 hours.

We are rolling out major updates to the DRIVECLUB servers today to improve performance and stability for all aspects of online play.

The servers will be unavailable from 11am BST while this happens and the work is expected to take up to 8hrs. You can still play the game offline during this time.

More details regarding fixes they will be implementing aren’t known but we can expect better online performance in the game.

DriveClub was released back in 2014 and at the time Sony promised a free PlayStation Plus version of the game. However, due to post-release issues we still haven’t seen a free version. Many rumors surround the matter, some even hinting at the possibility of its permanent cancellation.

Sony on the other hands says they will release it as soon as they can, but they aren’t ready to commit to a release date. We’ll keep you updated if anything new related to the matter comes along.