Call of Duty 2015 Marketing Campaign in Black Ops 2!

We are only just starting to talk about the upcoming Call of Duty 2015 title but it seems Treyarch Studios wants us to jump on and ride the hype train all over the social media.

They have opted for an interesting way to market the upcoming title; involved Call of Duty Black Ops 2 with photo messaging application Snapchat and churned up an awesome viral marketing campaign.

It all started when someone spotted two new posters in the game after it got a small update recently (watch the video on top to see where you can find it). On the posters was an icon which smartphone users would most definitely recognize as a Snapchat QR code.

I stumbled upon it too and scanned it with my app to get a message that reads “callofduty is already your friend.” At first there was nothing, but later on the Call of Duty 2015 Snapchat account shared its first snap. It is a 10 second clip that you can see below.

For some of us this will appear a little early, but when we are potentially looking at Black Ops 3, all the hype is justified.

As far as the Snapchat account for Call of Duty 2015 is concerned, you can scan the image below to add callofduty to your app.

call of duty 2015 snapchat

So tell us what you think of the new viral marketing campaign started by Treyarch Studios.