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Bloodborne Coop LFG Offers Being Made on Reddit

If you think it is getting harder for you to take on everything in Bloodborne on your own, and you don’t have a friend at hand when you need help in a boss fight, there are two new subreddits that are going to make things easier for you.

The game’s community is blooming as we speak, and the two platforms in question are another example of how the fans of the game are willing to make it an even better experience.

Among the two subreddits, the first one is /r/huntersbell and it allows you to look for a coop partner without spoiling the game details for yourself or others.

For instance, there is a specific way in which you will be beckoning a hunter: you mention in your post whether you are a New Game or a New Game Plus player, you mention your player level, you do not mention the full name of the boss and instead just mention the initials, and finally you mention your PSN in case someone is interested.

There are dozens of Bloodborne players already looking for a coop partner, you might be in luck.

However, if you are okay with spoiling some of the game’s details for yourself and others, there is the /r/beckoningbell subreddit where you can mention the location as well as boss names.

If you have got the hang of how Bloodborne multiplayer works you are going to have fun taking down the tougher bosses with a friend by your side.