Xenoblade Chronicles X: Fashion Equipment Will Change Appearance, Not the Stats

The appearance of your character is normally tied down to the equipment you’re using. Xenoblade Chronicles X however, is going to release with a new Fashion Equipment feature that is going to change that aspect.

According to director Koh Kojima, Fashion Equipment is going to allow players to change the appearance of their characters without any resulting effects on their equipped items. In this way, players are going to be free to change how their characters look in the game, without making changes to the stats or other aspects of their equipment.

There is no limit to how many times you can change your appearance. However, there is one little limitation. Players are required to finish the game once to gain access to Fashion Equipment.

I can imagine fans reading this news with a smile only to have that change into a frown upon knowing they have to finish the game first. There is no logical explanation to keep Fashion Equipment locked behind that wall, and neither was one given by Kojima.

Executive Director Tetsuya Takahashi has gone on record that his recent playtest of the game clocked in at over 300 hours. Even if players try to rush through the game, it’s still going to take a lot of time. Hopefully, Monolith Soft is going to reconsider this decision and instead allow players to start tinkering with their characters from day-one.