SOCOM Successor H-Hour: World’s Elite Gets New Gameplay

H-Hour: World’s Elite was announced little over an year ago and since then it has been considered a spiritual successor to the popular tactical shooter, SOCOM.

Developer SOF Studios includes some team members who have worked on SOCOM games, and looking at this new gameplay, you can clearly see the resemblance this game has with SOCOM.

I don’t know about you but this footage took me back to the PS2 era. The era I consider the golden age of gaming. It was just an amazing time to be a gamer, we saw the rise of Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid series, God of War, Call of Duty and who can rule out all of the great times of we had with SOCOM.

It’s nice to see SOCOM coming back at least in a spiritual way via H-Hour: Worlds Elite. The footage you see above is brief and is from the pre-alpha build of the game. So, expect the final product to be a bit different.

H-Hour: World’s Elite will first be released on Steam Early Access and later for PlayStation 4. Exact date for its release on PS4 isn’t yet clear, but Steam Early Access release is expected later this month.

You can know more about the studio and the game over at the official website.

Are you looking forward to playing H-Hour: World’s Elite? Or Would you prefer another SOCOM game?