Sinister 2: New Teaser Delivers a Horrifying Message

Focus Features’ Sinister 2 first look teaser has been shared at WonderCon 2015. The footage is only 16 seconds long with a few eerie frames.

The teaser closes with the following words, “Tell anyone and we’ll kill you, and your whole family. And watch the film over and over.” So this means that the movie will follow the same path as it did in 2012. A family moves into a haunted house, watches video tapes and unleashes the evil.

The sequel follows the story of a mother Courtney (Shannyn Sossamon) and her two twin sons played by Dartanian and Robert Daniel Sloan. As they move into the house, they start feeling paranormal activities and later they are haunted by Buhguul, the sinister spirit.

The family is spooked by all the things happening around them and by the looks of it if the movie is shot correctly, there are a few frames in the teaser which will turn out to be amazing scenes. Fist would be the kids standing behind corn field.

They look upset and ready to kill anyone and anything that comes their way. Although the scene is just passing by but the way they are looking is scary enough even in the glimpse I wonder what the whole scene would look like.

Another would be that huge blade approaching Courtney and her kids with somebody hanging with a cross in the background. The blade looks mighty and nobody wants to get slaughtered like an animal in open fields with people hanging around crucified and about to be roasted.

Ciaran Foy will direct the low budget horror movie from Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill’s script. Check out the teaser above and decide for yourself if you have any hopes for the movie.

Sinister 2 will release on August 21.