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Pillars of Eternity to Get Tabletop RPG and A Card Game

How much do you love Pillars of Eternity? Enough to want tabletops and card based games made in the universe? Well, if you do, you are in luck because Obsidian Entertainment has both of them planned for you!

Recently the chief executive officer at Obsidian Entertainment, Feargus Urquhart was interviewed by PC Gamer where he revealed that a tabletop RPG as well as a card based game were in the works.

While discussing the card based game he said that you could expect solid information and a Kickstarter campaign very soon:

“Not in the latest backer update but the next backer update, we’re definitely going to talk about how we’re going to be Kickstarting… not us, but another group is going to be Kickstarting a Pillars of Eternity card game. This isn’t like a CCG or anything like that, but it’s more just a fun, kind of, four people get around and play a single session card game.”

He then added that the card game was also going to come with heroes, armies, village, dungeons, and a boatload of attacks on friends. The game is being designed by Chris Taylor, the guy who was the lead designer for Fallout.

On the topic of a tabletop RPG made on the Pillars of Eternity setting, Feargus Urquhart said that it was definitely something they were looking at. However, it looks like there is still a long way to go until things start shaping up:

“We’re not sure yet how we’re going to do it, we were kind of going back and forth on, do we use the game’s rules, do we use someone else’s rules, do we come up with another set of rules? And it’s something we’re going to be talking [about] soon.”

Will you be helping them fund for the two projects through Kickstarter?