Phil Spencer Has No Issues With Banjo Being in Super Smash Bros.

Next Super Smash Bros. DLC is being planned by Nintendo and for that the company is asking for a little help. Nintendo started a poll to ask fans which characters they would like to see in Super Smash Bros. next.

To no one’s surprise, Banjo came out be one of the popular choices. The character appeared in a number games for Nintendo and was developed by Rare. However, Microsoft fans will remember that Rare was bought by the software giant years ago.

So Nintendo can’t put Banjo in Smash Bros. without Microsoft’s consent. Unless they want a law-suit on their hands. One Smash Bros. fan took to twitter to ask Phil Spencer, head of Xbox division, if there is a chance to see Banjo in Super Smash Bros.

Thankfully, good guy Phil says he has no issues with Banjo appearing in Super Smash Bros. He said they have worked with Nintendo on Rare IP before.

While this doesn’t confirm Banjo for Smash, there is hope for his arrival. It’s nice to see companies having no issues on working together which ultimately benefits fans the most.

Now that we are talking on the subject of companies working together, there is something I have always wanted to see. That’s cross-platform play between Nintendo, Sony, MS and PC. It would be really cool if some multiplatform shooters of fighting games can pull this off.

Some games are already supporting this. We can take the example of Street Fighter IV that will have cross-platform play between PS4 and PC.

Well, one can dream right?