Mortal Kombat X: Chop Suey Launch Trailer Gets Things Started

With just a week to go before its official release, NetherRealm Studios has released the launch trailer for Mortal Kombat X.

The trailer is backed by the popular song Chop Suey by System of a Down, and is synced to the sounds bones breaking, spines tearing, blood splattering, and bodies piling.

In all, the trailer gets you ready by providing a small taste of the devastating combos, brutal moves, and assortment of X-Ray moves that will be at your disposal once the game is released.

The tenth installment in the franchise brings over new characters – the next generation of fighters basically – and beautifully put dynamic stages that will prove as a distraction during every fight.

The story of Mortal Kombat X continues in the future after the events of the last title. Goro lives, and Shinnok from Mortal Kombat 4 is going to give players a new challenge at the end.

Three waves of DLC packs have already been confirmed and detailed. The first batch – MaskMurder Pack – will release on April 26, after which a new pack will go live every two weeks. It will include Jason Voorhees, the masked machete wielding character from Friday, the 13th movies.

Next to follow is the Klassic Pack #1 on May 10, which will add Tanya as another playable character. On May 24, NetherRealm Studios will release the HunterPrey Pack, bringing the Predator to the roster. Finally, the Klassic Pack #2 will add Tremor on June 7.

Each DLC pack will also include several new character skins. Those who wish to purchase the Kombat Pack Season Pass will receive all of this content for a cheaper price tag.

Mortal Kombat X is set to release on April 14 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions were originally planned to release alongside but were then delayed to arrive on June 2 instead.