Limited Edition Batman Arkham Knight PS4 Bundle Gets Trailer

Although Batman Arkham Knight was the most preordered game on Amazon for the month of January 2015, Sony figured it would be a good idea to launch a Limited Edition PlayStation 4 Bundle for it.

The bundle was revealed six days ago with a $449.99 price tag. It has a classy steel grey body with an Arkham Knight silhouette on top of it.

However, if that elaborate description doesn’t do justice to the bundle and its contents, Sony has also released a new trailer showcasing the console, the DualShock 4 that comes with it and their design before finally adding a little glimpse of the dark knight diving from a rooftop.

I have little doubt that Batman Arkham Knight is probably going to be the best installment in the series, which suggests that a themed console to remember it with is not such a bad option!

To top that up, the said bundle is not very pricey too.

batman Arkham Knight is scheduled to be released on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 23, 2015 worldwide. This will be followed by the OS X and Linux version which will come out in the third quarter of this year.